Conservative Party Betrayal Similar to TV Series and Film

Many analysts are saying that the Game of Thrones or House of Cards plots have rubbed all over the UK Conservative Party? Michael Gove, the political and intellectual machinery behind the Vote Leave campaign, had thrown his hat towards being voted as the new leader of an EU-free United Kingdom. This had signified a massive betrayal against projected post-EU UK Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson who had openly announced his desire to be Prime Minister.

With the betrayal, the former London Mayor declined entering the race for Conservative Leadership and Prime Minister.

According to Michael Gove even, “Boris cannot provide the leadership or build the team for the task ahead.”

But it’s not just because Mr Johnson was betrayed. Analysts believe that his well-known “disorganisation” had played a big role in finding difficulty to urge supporters to vote him as a leader.

Political ‘slayings’ according to analysts and fiction writers, hadn’t been so common. According to Tim Bale, a nonfiction writer who wrote ‘The Conservative Party from Thatcher to Cameron’ said the ‘slayings’ in the Conservative and Labour parties were unprecedented.

“The Conservatives have always a been a very leader-oriented party,” says Bale, who is professor of politics at Sussex University. “But because of that it’s quite easy to depose the leader. It can make changes quickly. The Conservatives wouldn’t get into the situation that Labour has got into, with MPs unable to remove Jeremy Corbyn.”


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