Osborne Mocks Boris Johnson In Tory Lead

Former UK Chancellor Boris Johnson had insulted now-Tory leader former London mayor Boris Johnson. He said that Mr Johnson should not “fumble the ball” if the party leadership became free again.

This meant him wanting to lead the Tories one day, as he once expressed.

According to Mr Osborne, he was also critical of new Prime Minister Theresa May’s plans for new grammar schools in his first interview after the new administration had replaced him.

“We’ll see where all this ends up in terms of legislation,” he said.

He added that he was not against grammars in principle, but he did not “a big diversion of energy away from the academy reform programme” which raises standards for all pupils.

Mr Osborne said that “if the ball came loose from the back of a scrum, it would be a great thing to have a crack at”, signalling a want to still lead the Tory in the near future.


Mr Osborne is now lecturing at universities more than he is spending time on politics said that he wants to be the representative of Tories who wanted a “softer” Brexit and has positioned himself the head of “the liberal mainstream majority.”

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