Bomb Explosion Kills 22 People In Bangkok Shopping Intersection

At least 22 people were killed including foreigners and 120 were wounded after a bomb aimed at a sacred Hindu Shrine in Ratchaprasong exploded without warning.

Twelve victims immediately died at the scene. The others had died later at area hospitals. About 120 were fatally wounded. No group has claimed responsibility for the bombing. Authorities said the attacks do not match the blueprint used by separatist rebel attacks.

According to tourists near the explosion, it felt like “gusts of wind and debris flying right at you.” Many reported seeing bodies and body parts everywhere. Cars were on fire and bikes were scattered everywhere. Chaos had consumed the peaceful and buzzing intersection.

Foreigners were among the casualties. The Erawan Emergency Center said a Filipino and Chinese tourist were among the foreigners killed in the attacks. Another 15 Chinese tourists were injured from the blast. Hong Kong had verified that three of its citizens were among those injured.

According to authorities, the pipe bomb was wrapped in white cloth. It was an improvised explosive.

Right after the explosions, military and police officials scouted the scene for more bombs. Authorities believe the target may have been the sacred Erawan Shrine popular with most tourists. Bomb squad members wearing blast suits came in full response.

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