New Video From Boko Haram Shows Missing Chibok Girls

On Sunday, the Islamist Militant Group Boko Haram had released a video showing the Nigerian schoolgirls they had kidnapped from two years ago. The video claimed that the Nigerian government must release its detained prisoners in exchange for some of the girls.

The women in the backdrop were kidnapped in different villages in Chibok in 2013. The Bring Back Our Girls movement identified about 10 other girls seen in the footage while a father from Chibok recognised one of the girls as his daughter.

The Nigerian government said it is “in talks” with those behind the video.

Meanwhile, Boko Haram Head Abubakar Shekau said he has not been usurped as the leader of the militant group. This statement comes after his rival, the Islamic State-backed Abu Musab al-Barnawi, had taken over the operations of the militant group in Nigeria.

Boko Haram has been blamed for some 20,000 deaths and displacing more than 2.6 million people since it launched a brutal insurgency in Nigeria in 2009 that has since spread into several neighbouring countries.

The man in the video said:

“They should immediately release our brethren in their custody,” the man said, warning that if the prisoners were not released the government would never be able to rescue the girls.

“They should know that their children are still in our hands,” he said in the video posted on YouTube that appeared to show some women injured after an air strike.

“There are a number of the girls, about 40 of them, that have been married,” said the man in the 11-minute video. “Some of them have died as a result of aerial bombardment.”

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