Police Speculate Copenhagen Shootings Could Be Linked

A shooting in a café event in Copenhagen had left one dead and three policemen injured. Hours after the incident, a shooting near the city’s Synagogue had one person killed and wounded two police officers. The first attack was during a free speech debate in a café. The second one targeted a Jewish man.

Police are speculating the two incidents may be connected but no direct lead can be confirmed.

However, speculate that an occupant in the district of Norberro may be responsible for the attack. When he noticed the police officers, he pulled out a gun and opened fire. The police returned fire and the suspect was killed. Norberro is about 5 kilometres away from the Synagogue shootout.

A massive manhunt continues for the café shooter.

The recording of the café’s ongoing debate before the attack included the barrage of gunshots from the assailant. According to officials, the gunman probably drove the abandoned Black Volkswagen Polo, which had been abandoned a short distance from the scene.

Photographs of the Black Volkswagen’s drive had worn a purple balaclava and thick puffer jacket.

Right after the attack at the synagogue, another assailant had opened fire on Krystalgrade street, about 5 kilometres from the first second incident.

Many analysts speculate that it is possibly linked to the Charlie Hebdo Shootings. Lars Vilks, a cartoonist whose cartoons express his opinion about controversial issues, including the Muslim Prophet Mohammed, may have been the target of the assailants.


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