Volkswagen Scandal Spreads To Porsche

Volkswagen investigations from the United States uncovered the car manufacturer to not only have achieved excessive emissions levels in their own vehicles, but also in certain Porsche and Audi luxury models.

Aside from its compact line of vehicles, sports utility vehicles also had high emissions, something that Volkswagen had not admitted to upon discovery of the deception.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s investigation on a series of vehicles with 3L engines showed the VW Touareg, 2015 Porsche Cayenne and 2016 Audi A6 Quattro had Nitrogen Oxide emissions up to nine times of the permitted levels worldwide.

Despite such, Volkswagen said it did not install emissions cheating software on its 3L V6 diesel power units to alter its emissions.

No End To Deception

The EPA Assistant Administrator Cynthia Giles said:

“We have clear evidence of these additional violations and we thought it was important to put VW on notice and to inform the public.”

US investigators including lawmakers investigating the German automaker said VW’s deceit all over the world sees no end in sight.

According to Republican Chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee:

“The EPA expanding its investigation prompts questions regarding the prevalence of the emissions cheating and how it went undetected for so long … Our bipartisan investigation continues — it’s time for Volkswagen to fully come clean,”


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