North Korea Has Often “Suspected” China

become one’s master is the ultimate success in the world. At least that is what it means for existential philosophy.

To achieve national liberation and identity, one turns to political ideas, whose leaders could manoeuvre the entire country to a path of stability and prosperity.

Communist countries decades ago thought of these political machineries as a means to an end. These included North Korea and Vietnam.

During the war, China wished to supply North Korea with three armies to help take over the whole of Korea. The latter refused. But it was only after the advance of the United States did North Korea ask for help from the mainland.

The relationship between China and North Korea is something that it views as a slavery-driven or master-slave relationship wherein China is the master.

To avoid the “central kingdom” issues is the only way for North Korea to claim it is the master of its own destiny.

This is why the continuous call of the western world towards China to influence North Korea to cease its activities is also what it views as plans of the United States to pin the blame on China for North Korea’s recklessness.

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