Russian MP Endorses Football “Hooligan” Behaviour

The European Football Championships ended with a clash between England’s fans in the streets of Marseille and Russia’s fans during the match.

According to French authorities, about 150 “hyper violent” Russian hooligans escaped arrest after the incident.

Meanwhile, Igor Lebedev, a Russian Liberal Democratic Party Member, said there was nothing wrong about fans fighting.

“I don’t see anything wrong with the fans fighting. Quite the opposite, well done lads, keep it up!”

Lebedeve also added that French authorities have failed to put into organisation such events. He even added that Russian Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko would also join the clash because the “England fans started it.”

The Russian Sports Minister had expressed regret and called those involved “a disgrace.”

According to UEFA, Russia and England’s teams could be disqualified should due violence continue.

Observers said violence has become part of Russian football for many years. Organised fights away from stadiums and clashes inside stadiums are very common.

After the Marseille incident, Russia’s ill-behaviour during football matches caught international attention.

England fans noted that the Russians were well-equipped and prepared for hyper-fast and hyper-violent attacks. They were wearing gunshields and MMA gloves. A fan said the Russians were uniformed and “looked like the black death squad.”

While Home Secretary Theresa May said England fans had behaved inexcusably but most of the violence rooted from coordinated groups of Russian supporters.

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