Donald Trump Promises To ‘Leave Business in Total’

Constitutional lawyers and ethics counsels had immensely criticised US President-Elect Donald Trump’s stand for controlling his businesses through his sons as he focuses on becoming the country’s top leader. He said that he will be holding a major news conference in New York City “to discuss the fact that I am leaving my great business in total” so that he could focus on running the country.

The Trump Organization is a widespread business venture focused on property development. It owns hundreds of hotels, golf resorts, wineries and even a modelling agency. Trump’s business ventures and his current position as future US President could mean positive tidings in profit for his business and his business partners.

Critics drew further ire against Trump after he invited international politicians and his business partners the world over to meet in Trump Tower in Manhattan with his family. Further, observers pointed out that Trump’s appointed representatives in different countries such as Philippines’ delegate being a Trump business partner showed Trump’s audacity to remain in business.

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington said Trump does not want to admit that conflicts would rise because of his business ventures. Despite his best efforts, Trump will remain updated about his business interests unless he “sell the business outside the family” and truly proceed with a blind trust.

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