People Are Closing Their Uber Accounts As Part Of Anti-Trump Protests. Here’s Why.

The hashtag “#deleteUber” had become an overnight trend in Twitter as hundreds of Uber users are deleting the application and refusing to use the service. Uber’s response during the Airport taxi protests against Trump was to disable surge pricing to allow travelers from JFK airport to find better transportation heading towards their destinations.

Surge Pricing is a tenet of Uber that allows its drivers to gain more from fares especially if car demand is quite high for the service in the affected area. Protesters viewed Uber’s act as a way to “profit from protests” by breaking the actual strike.

In an official response, Uber said it did not intend to break the strike but only to help those who did not have proper transportation and had difficulty offing the airport to get premium available service. However, protesters did not believe Uber’s statement and called for the deleting and closing of the application nationwide.

Meanwhile, rival Lyft had announced it is setting aside millions to support the American Civil Liberties Union and declared it is “standing up” against Trump’s brash executive order. Uber users and journalists have also uncovered that Uber Chief Executive Travis Kalanick has been a close Trump economic adviser along with other tech leaders including Elon Musk and Bob Iger from Disney.

Kalanick himself had criticised the ban introduced by Donald Trump as it would have implications for many immigrant drivers. Kalanick also added the company would provide legal support for them should they be persecuted and believes the executive order was a “wrong and unjust immigration ban.”

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